The Art of Being Jade Ann Byrne: More Than Meets the Eye (It’s not just Raspberry Jam Donuts & White Cake ;o

The Art of Being Jade Ann Byrne: More Than Meets the Eye (It’s not just Raspberry Jam Donuts & White Cake ;o

In a world obsessed with labels and the black-and-white, I stand as a testament to the colorful spectrum of humanity. Hello, lovely souls! I’m Jade Ann Byrne, your resident purveyor of joy and defender of individuality, typing away to share a piece of my heart and the essence of my being.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but I believe it’s the assumptions that dull the sparkle. I’ve been asked — more times than the stars in the night sky — a question that is as invasive as it is unimaginative: “What is inside your pants?” This question, while posed in many forms and through various mediums, fails to capture the true essence of a person.

So today, I turn this hurtful query on its head and instead celebrate what’s truly inside me — not sugar, spice, nor anything so trite. No, what thrives within me is the substance of dreams and ethereal delights.

Inside me is the resilience of unicorns, creatures born of hope and the relentless pursuit of the magical. I’m made of glitter, a million tiny reflections of the love and light I receive and give back to the world tenfold. My heart beats to the rhythm of cupcakes and sprinkles, each pulse a reminder of the sweetness and variety life offers.

Raspberries and strawberry donuts? Oh, they symbolize the tang and zest I bring to every challenge I face. Each burst of flavor is a testament to the complexity and depth of my spirit. My soul is a canvas painted with the boldest and most vivid colors of life.

To those who dare to reduce our existence to the physical: I say, look deeper. We are all masterpieces of our own design, undefined by the corporeal and unfettered by the mundane.

To my beloved community at Planned Parenthood of the Southwest, who sees beyond the facade and cherishes the individual: I cherish you. Truest of the healers, only those with the largest love in their hearts can bear that cross. Tomorrow, as we meet, I bring these images as tokens of my gratitude — for you make me feel seen, heard, and valued. I could never wished for a stronger force. I shall honour you again.

In solidarity with all who have felt diminished by prying eyes, let’s redefine the narrative. Let us celebrate what truly makes us who we are: our passions, our kindness, our unique quirks, and our boundless capacity for love.

So here’s to the beauty within us all, the unquantifiable and the indescribable. Let’s embrace the glittering chaos of our inner worlds and share it unapologetically. For in the end, it’s not what’s inside our pants that defines us, but what’s inside our hearts.

With love and a trail of sparkles & sprinkles,
Jade Ann Byrne

One response to “The Art of Being Jade Ann Byrne: More Than Meets the Eye (It’s not just Raspberry Jam Donuts & White Cake ;o”

  1. Ms. Jade Ann Byrne P/K/A @JadeAnnByrne Avatar

    okay, no more sugar before bed

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