Yellow Whispers in the Meadow

In fields where the tall hay hides the sky,
Beneath a canvas vast and high,
Dandelions bloom in golden hue,
A tribute to the love I knew.

Fierce daughter of the emerald isle,
With alabaster skin that bore a smile,
A Celtic warrior in disguise,
A mother’s mother with ancient ties.

Born of struggle, born of strife,
In the thirties’ years, a vibrant life,
She taught me strength, she taught me grace,
In nature’s arms, a sacred space.

A modern druid’s heart she bore,
With Lutheran cloaks the ancients wore,
Her rituals and spells, with love so grand,
She gave her wisdom, a guiding hand.

Her back bore the marks of endless toil,
In diners and homes, she worked the soil,
Of human need, her hands would fill,
With foods that warm, with love that thrills.

Hate for cooking, yet meals supreme,
From life’s harshest tests, a dreamer’s dream,
Beside her, I learned of earth’s bounties,
Of produce, of protein, of food’s boundaries.

The dandelion, never a weed to me,
A rest for bees, from tree to tree,
Its sweet scent on the trail so mild,
Blown with wishes of a child.

With each breath, petals take flight,
Carried on winds, a soft delight,
Yellow spots where bees would dine,
On nectar sweet as summer wine.

In every moment, time stands still,
As I recall her love and will,
With every bee on dandelion’s feast,
I feel her spirit, now released.

I love you, Grand-maw, your essence stays,
In every bloom, in sun’s soft rays,
Your life, your love, forever cast,
In nature’s beauty, forever vast.

So now I weep, for you, I yearn,
In every dandelion, I see you return,
A timeless dance, of life, of art,
In every beat, of my grateful heart.

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